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Digital marketing can offer a wider audience, targeted demographics and connecting on social media, it’s important to monitor whether these platforms are productive, and if not, implement the changes.

Though time-consuming, it is essential to review the quality of a campaign regularly. Examples include how many likes or reshares your posts are getting, whether your brand has a presence in your industry and more.

Here, we give 5 key criteria you should be evaluating your digital marketing team on:

1. Your ROI – Ways to determine ROI can be the comparisons between spending on digital marketing and profit. If you’ve invested in a digital advertisement, for example, how many quality leads have you received and how many conversions?

2. Tone of voice – it can be challenging to have the right tone for your audience. Are you speaking their language? Alienating your audience with jargon or dumbing down your copy for a high-end product/service can lower engagement regardless of what you share.

3. Don’t overspend – as tempting as it can be to extend your reach beyond your conventional marketing, set a budget and keep to it. Marketing campaigns take time and need to be monitored. Your competitors may be overstretched, so don’t follow suit and monitor spending.

4. Identify patterns – it’s essential to monitor what content is being liked and shared. Are these from the same people and at certain times? Identify these patterns for your business. If engagement comes from unsociable hours, then schedule your posts for the optimal times.

5. Customer reach – are you targeting local audiences or identifying broader markets? One method is to analyse your competitors reach or determine your audience with targeted paid advertising campaigns taking into account the advice mentioned above.

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