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Social media has defined many marketing campaigns in recent years but what does the future hold? And are there any evident trends that will carry forward into the next five years?

Social media is a news hub in light of the many life-changing events of 2020. More and more users will be adopting Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in the years to come to keep them informed and assist in their spending habits.

Here are our 5 predictions of what social media will look like in 2025:

1. Use of Video – as technology improves with networking and compression techniques to keep file sizes low, the notorious GIF will evolve into video. Video content is already creeping onto more blogs, but with built-in apps and high-end devices, it’s usage will be mainstream.

2. Mobile Exclusivity – mobile-first has long been a mantra for designers. The number of people accessing the internet with their phone is continually increasing. There will be more exclusive apps for mobile-only, making the desktop slightly redundant.

3. Enhanced role for Influencers – social media influencers are proving to be a reliable source for campaigns. Audiences are more substantial than some well-known brands, and at this time they are more cost-effective. In the future, there may be a trend for influencers to command a salary instead of traditional sponsorship/endorsements.

4. Augmented Reality – no longer science-fiction, there are already several apps such as real-time translators that help breakdown communication barriers. With companies such as Apple pushing for user avatars, expect a fusion of VR, AR and real-life ways to interact.

5. Bespoke Advertising – Google is continually fine-tuning personalised ads, and before long, they will be tailored to the individual and relevant. Ads are likely to be incorporated into social media without seeming like an ad and personalised to the user.

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