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For a personal social media account, getting new followers or likes is a sign that someone, somewhere, approves of your content. However for business accounts, engagement can make or break an audience.

The short answer for getting followers and likes is having great content, but there are so many factors that need to be acknowledged when building an audience.

Here, we give 5 reasons you’ve never made it over 100 followers/likes:

  1. Be authentic. – The challenge with a business profile is relating to an audience. A company doesn’t need to be a distant entity but sharing real information that doesn’t dilute your voice with inaccuracies is a start, as is be truthful and not fabricating data for more likes.
  2. Target the audience. – Don’t blanket post hoping that you’ll gain followers and likes if you haven’t defined who the audience is. Identify what platform they use, their age groups and habits, so your post caters to the audience you seek, not solely for the numbers.
  3. Tag/mention other users. – Tagging other users isn’t deemed a spamming tactic and more likely to reach out to similar users. By writing something relevant and tagging an influencer, increases the odds of further expanding the number of likes you will receive.
  4. Be consistent. – Consistency applies to the frequency of posting and having the same tone of voice throughout. The intended audience will know what to expect, and through this consistency will come the followers.
  5. Have a great bio. – Maybe one of your posts captures a user’s attention, but when they see your bio, have no idea what it is you do or how to contact you. Ensure your contact details are available, opening hours (if applicable), location and above all, make it clear what you do!



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