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You’ve set up your social media accounts and are posting regularly but quantity does not equal quality and if you’ve made the mistake of confusing the two, your business is going to suffer.

You need great content and if you’re not sure that’s exactly what you’re doing, we’re here to help you take a step in the right direction.

Here we give you 5 signs your audience hates the content you’re posting.

  1. Little interaction– unless you’re getting regular comments and conversations with customers, chances are they’re using their thumbs to scroll way past your posts. Your content simply isn’t interesting enough to warrant a reaction.
  2. Your audience doesn’t stick around– that lack of interaction also shows up in the statistics on how long your audience stays on your post or page for. If they hover for just a couple of minutes and disappear you need to check on what’s gone wrong.
  3. You’ve adopted a ‘good enough’ approach– if you’re not deliberating over every word and bit of grammar, chances are your posts aren’t even good enough but instead fall some way below what’s required for great content.
  4. You’ve gone too technical– and by this we’re talking SEO. Often, particularly in blogs, SEO keywords are overused and make a hard to read, awkward post. Think readability and relevance over SEO every time.
  5. You’re thinking like a business– it’s hard not to use your own voice but if you’re going to write great content you need to ditch the sales talk and connect with your audience on a human level. Chances are they haven’t stuck around because you’ve gone in too hard on trying to sell a product or service.

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With over 20 years experience in fast-paced and often challenging marketing environments, Dan has established himself as a highly successful digital marketer specialising in social media marketing and brand engagement. He is a creative and ambitious individual having proven his ability to both develop and execute marketing strategies within the UK, Europe and the USA producing tangible results. Learn more