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One of the main problems businesses and individuals face when building their online presence through social media is keeping a sense of authenticity while posting and engaging with users. – No one wants to come across as a robot, as it will turn people off your service or business – but it can be hard to know where to start with keeping it authentic.

Here, we share five ways to ensure you’re staying authentic on social media:

  • Transparency – Many users will see you or your business as just a wall of data, so you need to eradicate that perception and let your social media be more like a window into your life or your workings. Look to include everyday photos of your activities and stories about the real people in your business.
  • Engagement – Whether you’re a business account or a personal one, users are always going to be prompting you with questions and demands – don’t ignore them. Creating a foundation of engagement with as many users as you can will increase your authenticity tenfold.
  • Be polite – Cracking a joke and making a light-hearted observation is all well and good, but getting too personal, insulting or being generally rude is no good for you brand image. There’s an argument that this is authentic, but the wrong kind of authenticity will put off a lot of people.
  • Don’t miss out – Make comment on current trends and news, hop on hype trains and make yourself look human by caring about what others care about – even if its not in your personal interest. Painting yourself as an active and reactionary member of the social media sphere will do wonders for your image.
  • Own your mistakes – It’s to be expected that you may have hiccups along your social media journey, so it’s always good to own them and admit your mistakes. Apologise for misunderstandings or lost-in-translation moments as these things are what makes us human – which is exactly what you want to be on social media.


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