Fighting Back Against Online Agents!

By Dan Adams | Advice

Social Media For High Street Travel Agents

When meeting people at networking & business events in current times there can be a statement little more frustrating than hearing the words “Do people still use travel agents?” A crazy statement bearing in mind that travel related products are the fifth most search term online. To the majority of travel businesses social media has become second nature and a large part of their brand awareness, lead generation and ultimately sales. However, the majority of these are the suppliers themselves or so called online agents. Sadly 80% of High Street agents have little or no social media presence.

With ever decreasing margins and the constant fight with online agents it’s time to fight back! To survive against those suppliers opting to take your clients to ‘direct sale only’ it’s imperative that you embrace social media as another means to spread the word about your agency. As a business you’re probably already using email newsletters, direct mail campaigns along with updating your website, these are good sales funnels and social media certainly shouldn’t replace these it’s simply a necessary addition  to not only reach new business but to converse with your existing clients.

People DO still use High Street travel agents, they use them for the wealth of travel expertise they have built up along with the knowledge of local customs & cultures. By leveraging the use of social media you can pass your expertise to those asking questions and become an authoritative voice to all things ‘travel’ in your area whilst at the same time generate new customers and cultivate existing clients.

Having spent over 25 years in the UK travel industry with the last 10 having been specialised in Digital Marketing, Dan knows how tough it is to run a travel business, give us a call today and let us open up a whole new audience!

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