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There’s no doubt that social media marketing is a must-have digital tool in 2021, but how can you use it in a way that stands out from the rest?

Conquest Consultancy  is a social media agency aiming to take the stress of managing social media away from small business owners. Here, we share 5 ways to stand out on social media.

  • Be Helpful – hard-sell messaging has its place, but it isn’t always social media. How does your product or service address your buyer’s pain points? Keep the needs of your prospects top of mind and you’ll easily stand out.
  • Hashtag Marketing – embrace the hashtag if you want to reach more people and make an impact. If you aren’t using a few hashtags per post, you’re missing opportunities to amplify the post beyond your existing followers.
  • Get Creative – free online tools mean you can now make creative assets – like videos and graphics – in half the time. Use them to engage your audience.
  • Be cohesive with your ToV – your tone of voice should be present on everything you post. This makes it easier for your followers to recognize your content in-feed and a well-styled post attracts attention.
  • Boost Visibility with paid social – one of the best ways to stand out in B2B social is to take advantage of paid social ads. A paid social strategy enables you to cut through the social clutter by using carefully defined target audiences and messages to connect with your customer.


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