If You Receive This Text Message, DON’T Open It!

By Dan Adams | Advice

A new iOS bug that shows an Indian character crashes iPhones & iPads disabling access to iMessages and WhatsApp

A new virus, dubbed as a devastating ‘text-bomb’ that crashes Apple devices immediately has been discovered by researchers.

Opening a message with the character immediately crashes iOS ‘Springboard’ which is the systems app which manages the home screen on the device. This latest threat affects any iPhone or iPad running iOS 11.2.5 which will disable the access to messaging.  The text-bomb also affects other messaging platforms such as WhatsApp, Outlook, Facebook Messenger & Gmail.

Whilst it is unsure where the bug originates from, the character  is taken from the Telugu language, a dialect of the Dravidian language spoken by approximately 5% of India’s population.

If you receive a message containing this character the only way to stop your device from crashing is to request that someone else sends you a message and then delete the conversation that contained the symbol.

It is expected that the virus will be around until Apple release iOS 11.3 which is understood to be in the next couple of months.

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