Miss This Facebook Update and Risk Becoming Locked Out of Your Account.

By Dan Adams | Uncategorized

Millions of Facebook users around the globe are receiving emails from Facebook this week asking them to activate a new security feature -apply-named “Facebook Protect”.

Sadly, the email itself, to some, is looking a little ‘phishy’. Please don’t ignore this email from our friends at Meta, simply ignoring its content could see you locked out of your account and facing a real uphill struggle to regain access.

Once enabled, ‘Facebook Protect’ will provide your account with an additional layer of security by means of two-factor authentication. This means that any suspicious login attempts will require verification through your phone or another device. Whilst this enhanced security measure was initially set up to assist politicians and officials protect themselves from hacking it has thankfully now been rolled out to the whole Facebook community.

We would never advocate simply clicking on an email to make any changes to your social media profiles. However we do strongly urge you to turn on this two-factor authentication via the settings on your Facebook account. To enable this:

Go to Settings > Security and Login > Facebook Protect 


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