Redheads finally recognised with their very own Emoji

By Dan Adams | News

157 New Emojis Coming to Your Phone Later This Year

After years of campaigning it has recently been announced that a series of ginger haired emojis will feature amongst the brand new list of 157 emojis to be added to the 2,666 already in existence to  be rolled out in June. Alongside redheads the new list features white haired and bald emojis amongst many others. Now that the Emoji 11.0 set has been set to final, software developers such as Apple, Google & Microsoft are able to start developing their own artwork for the new icons.

As well as new hair colours, the new set adds further skin tones and hair styles to the list, but the new emojis don’t stop at human variants – a whole new list of animals also comes in to effect such as hippos, kangaroo and llamas. For additions to our feathered friends we’ll soon be seeing options for swans, peacocks and parrots.

Some of the more high profile ones to be newly featured fulfil a void in the current set – hygene. The new list also comprises of a toilet roll, broom alongside a bar of soap and sponge. The images contained within this article are purely samples at this stage and it will of course be down to each developer to decide on how each icon will display on their own devices. There’s no telling when the new emoji will reach our devices, as it is dependant on when Google and Apple update their Android and iOS mobile software with their chosen designs.

Food has long been a hot topic of discussion amongst emoji users and those wanting to display that they’re heading out for a bagel for lunch will be happily pleased that following the new list they will no longer have to use the doughnut! It does however seen that junk food is still given more weight (excuse the pun) to healthy items. That said, salad lovers out there will be happy to see the arrival of some leafy greens to the mix.

Science also gets a credit in the new list with the inclusion of a Petri dish, safety goggles and a lab coat.

Emojipedia, an online encyclopedia for emojis, has created a video to give a glimpse of all the new emojis that are coming this year.

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