Safer Internet Day 2019

By Dan Adams | Uncategorized

Today we’re proud to support Safer Internet Day 2019 to actively promote the positive use of digital technology to ensure children and young people are kept safe online.

We understand that the online world presents risks as well as opportunities for young people, and that it is vital that children and young people are equipped to view online content safely. The internet is now an everyday part of young people’s lives and it is imperceptive that both education and social care services need to consider and develop innovative ways to engage and support children and young people through internet search engines. We recognise that as a social media company we also have a role to play as children and young people regularly interact and engage on our creatives delivered through these platforms.

We firmly believe that young people should be empowered to use the internet in a positive way. This starts with education about how to avoid risky interactions online and where to seek help. Schools play a vital role in this by including online safety as part of personal, social, health and economic education alongside education about consent, exploitation grooming and healthy relationships in general. In addition, it is also important that parents be are also supported in making the internet safer for children. They should have the ability to easily set appropriate filters and safety features to help protect their children.

Keeping children safe online is everybody’s responsibility and internet service providers, the police and the Government all need to work together to ensure young people are safe online.


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