Creating a Buzz for World Bee Day!

By Dan Adams | Uncategorized

We’re perhaps better known for creating a buzz on social media, but today we want to create an altogether better buzz as we celebrate all things bee for World Bee Day!

Bees have been around for many thousands of years. Researchers have found that the humble (not bumble) bee was perhaps the first species to choose a vegetarian diet! Original bees used to eat insects, but over time evolved to dine upon nectar & pollen instead. Sadly these fuzzy flying insects we see darting around our gardens during the Summer are on the decline and we as a planet are at risk of losing them altogether.

This would be a hugely damaging situation for the world as bees are an essential part of the Earth’s eco-system. We know that trees are necessary to provide us with clean air. But did you know that bees are needed to pollinate the food we eat? As well as flowers and trees that provide animal habitats.  It’s difficult to imagine (nor should we have to) a world without bees. Just as it is to envisage life without trees.

But what can you do about it? You can simply start you own bee space in your garden, balcony or terrace. Flowers such as poppies and sunflowers are loved by these stripey-backed pollinators, so are herbs like fennel, dill and thyme. Speak to your neighbours and ask them to do the same. In no time we can create a new land for these fascinating creatures who work so hard for us!

Before you buzz off (do you like what we did there!) please do share this blog post with your social media friends and lets together try and help bees everywhere!

Happy World Bee Day Everyone!



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