Social Media For Schools

By Dan Adams | Advice

Why Should Your School Be  on Social Media?

With over 3.8 billion internet users in the world and 2.77 billion of these being active social media users it’s not difficult to see that in today’s world, social media has become the most popular way to communicate online. It’s undeniable, whether you are using social media yourself or not, that a large percentage of your local community is accessing social media regularly. In fact, recent studies have shown that 66% of UK adults frequently use social media – that’s nearly three-quarters of your parental population!

Despite these figures, some schools are still wary of leveraging these platforms reach. Perhaps this could be because of time restraints in the publishing of content or simply concerns over the time it will take to learn how to apply social media correctly. We often hear from Head Teachers “We’re concerned about opening ourselves up to criticism”. Having Conquest Consultancy manage your school’s social media activity, in the exceptionally rare case that someone does make an inappropriate comment, we are able to either address the concern or remove it completely within moments of it having been posted. This demonstrates further your school’s openness to be able to communicate and address concerns. A person can make a negative comment whether you’re part of social media or not. If you choose not to be a part of social media, you will never know what is being said about you.

Those in your community that choose to follow your pages do so because they want to support you and are interested in your news, whether that be photos of a recent school trip or details of inter-school sports matches. By being part of social media you allow your followers to become part of your school’s family in an informal chatty way.

If your concern is about time, don’t worry! Conquest Consultancy will initially set up each of your profiles then develop and deliver content to your target audience across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & LinkedIn articles that are of interest to your followers. It may not feel like it to you, but your school’s a hive of activity! Our priority lies with protecting your pupil’s privacy and your school’s image. This is why social media pages for schools need to be set up differently than a person’s own platforms. Conquest Consultancy will give your school’s pages the commitment necessary to enable you to meet your marketing and communication targets.

Hiring a social media professional such as Conquest Consultancy is a growing trend for school’s whose wish is to communicate their brand to parents both current and future.

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