Social Media & the Coronavirus Pandemic

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We’re closely following the developments around Coronavirus (Covid-19) and the impact it’s having on our industry. As we scroll through our social feeds it’s abundantly clear that we’re not alone.

Huge numbers are posting about this topic and it’s heartening to see that so many of us are staying connected.

Facebook is seeing an extreme spike in usage across the world due to the ongoing pandemic. Private messaging and video calling accounts for the majority of this uplift.

A recent release stated that total messaging across Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp in harder hit areas like Italy had increased by more than 50%. Video calling on Messenger and WhatsApp in those same areas has more than doubled.

The release continued “This usage growth is unprecedented across the industry, and we are experiencing new records in usage almost every day. Although maintaining stability throughout these spikes is more challenging than usual now that most of our employees are working from home.”

You will recall news of the Diamond Princess cruise liner which was on lock-down for most of February. This liner held more than 3500 people, including 700 Coronavirus patients. Social media was instrumental in helping improve the situation for many locked down on the ship. Given that the passengers were required to self-isolate within their cabins, social media was the only way to stay in touch with the outside world.

These social platforms aren’t just limited to connecting us with our friends & loved ones whilst locked away from the world. Scientists are using social media tools to collaborate through allowing thousands of researchers to brainstorm possible solutions, cures and explanations.

Social media also provides a form of grieving space. Global events of this magnitude are extremely hard to process, and even harder to make sense of. Through the use of social media we can come together to support one another as well as groups, companies & charities. An example of this was one of our clients – an Indian restaurant in Surrey, UK wanted to give something back to front-line workers in their locality, through the provision of a free meal. News of this kind gesture ran through the social sphere like wildfire and resulted in 85 meals being donated.

At this point in the pandemic we believe that social media platforms are doing more good than bad. These social spaces can fuel scientific collaboration, create fundraising opportunities and most importantly, help those in isolation overcome loneliness.



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