Social Media News Roundup – June 2021

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There’s been no let up in the innovations and changes coming from the world of social media in recent weeks. In fact, our June 2021 social media roundup of news from the social media sphere brings some great updates.

Tweet Sharing to Instagram Stories.

All iOS users now have the functionality to share tweets directly to Instagram Stories, providing another way to interact with Twitter content.

When you share a tweet, you’ll see Instagram Stories as an option which will add your chosen tweet into a blank Instagram camera frame. You can then edit as you wish before posting.

This simple update will provide users with more capacity to share tweets and in more places, which we’re sure will help to boost interest in the platform.


Facebook Launches New Podcast Listening Tools

This latest change will provide more ways for podcasters to promote their content by directly connecting their audio content back to their Facebook audiences for listening within the feed.

Whilst talking about Facebook’s welcoming podcast news, it has also been hinted at that a new ‘podcast’ tab is in the pipeline for business pages. This will enable fans to access this form of content quickly and easily.


Instagram Functionality to Allow Uploads from Desktop

It feels like this has been in development forever. That said, we’re pleased to finally read that Instagram has launched a test of the capability to publish feed posts from the desktop version of their app.

Once your chosen visual file has been uploaded you will have access to the standard Instagram editing options & filters.


Facebook Tests Animations When Sharing Posts.

In a bid to enhance the look and feel of the newsfeed, users will soon have the option to add animated graphics that will appear on the post during scroll.

Keep an eye out for a notifier “Share Your Reaction in a Post” then, once clicked, you will have the ability to add a chosen animation which will then be shown to others as then scroll over your update in their newsfeed.


Could a Hat be the Latest Addition to Wearable AR?

It has recently been discovered that Facebook have filed a patent for a hat that would expand and enable a more advanced AR experience for the user. Early indications show that the AR hat will be developed alongside the AR glasses rather than in replacement of. We’ll keep you posted as we learn more.




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