Thank you to the UK’s front line!

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Join us for a moment as we pause to thank and recognise essential workers who are supporting the fight-back against Covid-19.

Whilst no way exhaustive, the list of those leading the front-line are doctors, nurses, pharmacists, teachers,  childcare workers, farmers, supermarket employees, warehouse workers, Police, Ambulance crews, Fire Brigade, cleaners, care home staff, local government workers & fuel filling station staff  plus many, many more.

Managing Director,  Dan Adams, said: “During these unprecedented times which feature uncertainty for us all, there are many people working night and day to keep us safe and ensuring that the necessary services to keep our country functioning are carried out. Of course our wonderful NHS staff are true heroes.  These are the people who face potential threats to their own health to keep us safe.”

We have been working with many clients over the last few weeks to  promote the use of local businesses. These social media campaigns were designed to help showcase businesses that are actively helping their communities during these difficult times; for example, a restaurant offering free meals to those working in the Emergency Services, a beauty salon that is donating all of it’s PPE, or a shopping centre that is able to get out fast information on which shops are open for emergency items.

Dan continued “The best thing we can do for our amazing front line staff right now is to follow the official Public Health England advice. This means staying at home if you’re not a key worker, keeping a 2 metre distance in supermarkets, and quarantining yourself when you’re showing symptoms. I urge everyone to remember: Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives”

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