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Social Media Marketing is a tough gig, with many obstacles that must be overcome in order to see success. There are many easy slip ups to make when using social media too, with pitfalls popping up at every point.

Here, we share five social media disasters you should avoid at all costs:

1. Being insensitive. – Your online audience is made of a wide variety of different people, all with different backgrounds, experiences and values. Making edgy jokes can often lead to offending some people – for example when American restaurant chain IHOP tweeted were “Flat but has a great personality” in a post about their pancakes. Your safest bet is to keep jokes light and cheesy.

2. Insulting your audience. – Answering queries and questions with sarcastic remarks has become surprisingly common for some businesses and brands, but it’s something that works for a few and rarely for everyone else. Unless it’s part of your persona, don’t take jibes at social media users in order to seem more “human” – it rarely works.

3. Not reading the room. – The social media sphere is a big place, but there are certain moments and events that temper the general mood of the platforms. Posting something similar to the NRA’s “Good morning shooters, happy Friday!” the day after the infamous Aurora shootings in America will never go down well. Always check what you’ve got scheduled and change accordingly.

4. Hopping on trends the wrong way. – Hashtags are great, aren’t they? Using hashtags to involve yourself in certain trends is a great way to get noticed but hopping on the wrong ones and not checking what they refer to can land you in hot water. DiGiorno Pizza found this out the hard way back when they tweeted “You had pizza” on the hashtag #WhyIStayed, which was in fact about people sharing their stories of domestic violence.

5. Forgetting you’re not on your personal account. – It’s the age-old mistake to make. Posting something that was meant for your own private, personal account instead of your business one can be embarrassing to say the least. At the worst, you can incite anger in your audience if you share something extremely divisive – such as a polarising political opinion.


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