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Today’s world is all about adapting to what is current and social media is one of the biggest tools out there but with so many platforms with which to engage how do you stay on top?


Get rid of the headache!

Here’s the understatement of the year: running a school is busy! Teachers, along with administrative staff, are already time-strapped as it is; without adding on the extra responsibility of keeping up with a full social media presence. To take the weight off and remove the daily panic of remembering to post online, schools should consider outsourcing their social media.

But how can a social media management company help?

  • Social media creation & management is always done on time because no other role is competing for attention
  • Error rates are reduced because the distractions of other roles are eliminated
  • You don’t miss changes in social media strategy, new platforms or functionality introduced
  • An outsourced social media agency won’t take annual leave nor sick days. Therefore your social presence remains constant 365 days a year


If you’re set on taking on your school social media but not sure where to start, below are a few ideas to help you on your way.

Throw in some personality

Social media isn’t like any official report, so be sure to lose all of the academic jargon. Remember all your followers and target audience are human, therefore ensure that your posts are written to be relatable and fun for your audience to enjoy. Parents are more than likely to be your main readers, so to encourage their engagement they will want to see exactly what their children are enjoying during their day.

Build a community

Schools are a primary part of what makes a community feel united, so it is only right that schools remain a pivotal part of the online community by engaging with their followers. This can be done by asking questions, replying to comments, liking and sharing other posts, just as a reminder that there are real people behind the account, not just a robot representing the school.

Check your work!

Whilst an informal tone of voice on social media is great for engagement, please don’t forget hat you are still an educational establishment and as such it is imperative that a certain level of grammar, spelling and punctuation are upheld.

Relevant content

Ensure that everything you put on social media has a purpose and don’t simply post for the sake of posting. When deciding what content to design, it is important to remember that variety is vital. If you are looking to increase your social media presence then creativity is even more important. Try and make your posts unique and catchy with infographics, images, videos and anything else that you think would be interesting to your target audience.

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