Use social media correctly – you’ll save time, stress and money!

By Dan Adams | Advice

Hire A Professional
At the outset this sounds a simple statement, but it’s true. For example; do you do your own plumbing or service your own car? The vast majority would say no to both of these save the few that may unblock a sink or change the car oil filter once in a while. The same goes for social media, just because the platforms are free your time certainly isn’t! Plumbers & mechanics spend hours learning their trade and keeping up to date with changes to industry products to be able to offer a service to you. The exact same goes for social media management professionals. Social Media Managers have to stay on top of each platform updates and new enhancements that they bring to ensure that their clients are at the forefront of the social media landscape.

Engage With Them
Your chosen social media management company will need to work with your business. The only way they can truly do this is by fully immersing themselves in your company to understand your industry, client base and goals. By advising them of these details they will be able to write not only the best content for you but more importantly in your business’s tone of voice.

Meet Regularly
At Conquest we meet with each of our clients once per month – face to face if they are local enough or online should the client live a fair distance away. Either way this gives us the opportunity to run through their social media performance over the past month but also gives the opportunity for the client to raise any questions or give any industry related news that may have occurred it also gives us a chance to voice any ideas that we have that may be of interest with the client.

About the Author

With over 20 years experience in fast-paced and often challenging marketing environments, Dan has established himself as a highly successful digital marketer specialising in social media marketing and brand engagement. He is a creative and ambitious individual having proven his ability to both develop and execute marketing strategies within the UK, Europe and the USA producing tangible results. Learn more