Using Emojis in Your Social Media

By Dan Adams | Advice

Love them or hate them, they’re part of our digital world

It’s a staggering fact that over 90% of online users frequently use emojis within their conversations. By adding emojis to your content you will not only make posts more attention grabbing but will add a sense of fun to your brand.  Companies that have included some use of emoji in their Tweets have shown to increase engagement by 25% over plain messages, and using them in Facebook posts can increase the post’s Likes by 57%, and comments & shares by as much as 33%.

However before you start adding aubergine emoji’s to your posts make sure you know what your’e doing!One of the biggest mistakes a brand can make on social media when using emoji is using them incorrectly! A fantastic resource for understanding the emoji world is Emojipedia – which is essentially an emoji dictionary.

Emoji’s are extremely trendy and fun, so please do ensure that you use them correctly & don’t use them to make light of something that is serious. Another error that we constantly find is when the use of emojis comes across almost ‘forced’  – When adding an emoji to a piece of content it should be natural and automatic. If you are finding it difficult to think of what emoji you should use for a business post – it doesn’t need one!

While some intrigue has worked in some companies’ marketing mix, most readers won’t take the time to try and understand something that is written with only emojis.Remember, social media is all about communicating a message, the clearer the better. Don’t leave your audience scratching their heads with your emoji use.

Have fun, but don’t go crazy. As a general rule of thumb you shouldn’t use more than four emojis in any one post.

Now’s the time to play around with them in your social media content. Pay attention to your levels of engagement and how your audience reacts when you use emojis and when you don’t. This will prove to be valuable data that you can use when planning future social media campaigns and strategies.


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