Why Should You Continue Social Media Marketing During COVID-19

By Dan Adams | Uncategorized


What can you expect from maintaining your social media presence during the war on Covid-19?


1. Get Ahead Of The Competition

Anything you do now that your competitors are not doing is putting you ahead. Think of it like a race. Even if you’re running slowly, you’ll still lap everyone who’s sitting down!

2. Build Relationships With Potential Consumers

Whether you’re a B2B company that needs to nurture leads or a B2C company that needs to “warm up” potential customers, each & every business can benefit from guiding potential customers through the sales funnel. Why let this time go to waste? Use this time wisely to build real relationships with your potential customers and convert them into a paying customer.

4. Capitalise On Customers Ready To Purchase Now

With so many businesses closing down due to COVID-19 the public’s options of where they can turn to for goods and services has narrowed significantly. If you’re open for business, let people know – even if you are usually a bricks & mortar business. Continuing to market your business through the Coronavirus can be as simple as letting customers in need know that you’re there, you understand their worries & concerns, and above all you’ll be there once lock-down measures are relaxed. This creates a fantastic community feel to your business and is a feeling that customers won’t forget in the future. If you simply switch off the lights, lock the door and cease engaging with your clients they are far more likely to remember you as one who shut the door on them.

5. Set Your Business Up For Success

This is probably the most important benefit of them all. At some point, this period will pass. When that time comes, do you want to be approaching the starting line with your social media presence or do you want to be leaps ahead of your competition?

Now is not the time to stop your social media efforts, it’s the time for you to be even more socially engaging! We’re taking our own advice and so are our clients, and so far all we’re seeing is more results.

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