Why Use Social Media For Your Business?

By Dan Adams | Uncategorized

Just like the High Street, people buy from people, in particularly, people they like. By embracing social media you give a voice to your brand. A social media savvy shopper will spend time looking at a brands presence online before deciding to purchase. When they are happy with not only the product but the brand’s online voice they will engage with you, very much like a shop window will be used on the High Street to encourage people to step inside the store and purchase.

Many clients we first meet, “I’m worried about being on social media, what if people say negative things?” The simple fact is that people will have conversations about your brand whether you’re involved or not. Conquest Consultancy has an active ‘listening’ service for its clients meaning that we are able to see these conversations taking place in real time and can respond on your behalf quickly and professionally.

By embracing an active and current social media presence you have the chance to become the go-to business for news and opinion within your industry. Too many people assume that social media is just a sales opportunity. This could not be further from the truth. Social media is all about being ‘social’ which when done right includes being helpful, engaging and an integral part of the community. Be helpful and people will trust the news you share.

Social media posts can only give a limited amount of information, this is why websites are still very important. Any social media professional worth their sort will utilise the social media content to drive traffic to the brands website where far more information can be gleaned by the user.

Keep your customers coming back! Ok, so you’ve made a sale, great but client retention is a huge benefit to any business. Leverage your social media to ensure that you’re not only looking for new leads but you’re looking after your existing customers. We all like to feel part of a community and purchasing is no different. Make your customers feel valued and by keeping in touch with them on social media gives them the trust that you’re there for them when they need you.

Today’s fast paced world requires all brands to be active on social media and it is quickly becoming the go to area for customer service enquiries. By responding quickly and professionally it is far more likely that those will become customers and recommend you to others, making them fantastic brand advocates for your business.

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